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  • Hanumangarhi

    The home to Lord Hanuman, Ayodhya's eternal guardian, ensuring its protection.

  • Ramkot

    The chief place of worship in Ayodhya and the testament to the enduring legacy of Lord Rama.

  • Kanak Bhavan

    The Golden Palace. A gift to Devi Sita after marrying Lord Rama

  • Ram ki Paidi

    Ram ki Paidi is a series of ghats on the bank of River Sarayu.

  • Dashrath Mahal

    Located in the Heart of Ayodhya palace of a great king.


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Ayodhya is renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage and has witnessed a surge in tourist arrivals. In 2019, it welcomed around 20 million visitors, primarily domestic travelers. The annual growth rates for domestic and international tourists have been steady at 7% and 10% respectively.

Tourists are drawn here for its rich resources, including the Sarayu River, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Theerth Kshetra, and Chaudah Kosi Parikrama.

The peak tourist season extends from Dussehra to Kartik Purnima, with domestic footfall increasing during Chaitra Shukl Mela, Shravan Jhoola Mela, and Kartik Shukl Mela which is unique to this destination.

The Ayodhya Tourism Department forecasts a 3.9% growth in tourist arrivals by 2031, driven by the estimated completion of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, infrastructure upgrades (Airport, City Route), Greenfield development projects, and proposed iconic structures.


Ayodhya is emerging as a thriving tourist destination, with an increasing number of visitors. As it continues to evolve as a must-visit city, tourism will boom with travelers looking forward to immersing themselves in its rich heritage and experiencing its timeless charm.


Ayodhya is known for its vibrant and joyful festivals, attracting devotees from all over the country. These festivals are marked by elaborate rituals, colorful processions, and the lighting of countless lamps and fireworks. This city truly comes alive during these festive occasions, showcasing its rich spiritual heritage and captivating visitors with its divine atmosphere.

A calendar of the festivals celebrated throughout the year in Ayodhya.

This city will promote its historically popular intangible heritage assets through celebrations of cultural festivals throughout the year. An annual calendar will be prepared with all details of the festivities.

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